SMS and Start-ups: How Mobile Marketing Helps New Businesses Thrive

Posted on Apr 12 2017 - 10:42am by Admin

Female Holding SmartphoneIn the digital age of marketing, it might be easy to shrug off text messages in your marketing scheme. The smartphone is a powerful device, however. They are an accessible, wide-reaching marketing tool, especially since Singapore has the highest rate of smartphone penetration in the world. When used responsibly, your business may see great results with just a text.

Fast Yet Furious

The robust growth of start-up businesses has been noted globally. In Singapore, for instance, a company’s young age won’t stop it from succeeding in its early stages. The Lion City is home to the world’s fastest-growing start-ups as ranked by the Global Start-up Ecosystem Report and Ranking 2017, in fact.

What makes these from-scratch ventures so successful? Two things: they are quick, and they are simple — just like a text message. A business that is fresh in the market will reap more benefits from a non-intimidating text message that will most likely be read as soon as it is sent compared to funding a big marketing project. SMS advertising, remarks Singtel Media, is a relevant and personalized form of engagement. A text message says what you need to say without you exerting too much effort.

Easy on the Money

Although sending text messages isn’t a free service, it is more cost-effective than most cutting-edge digital advertisements, depending on your chosen provider. This initial saving in costs will help new businesses focus more on product development rather than getting meticulous about their marketing strategies.

Furthermore, since text messages don’t require an Internet connection, the response rate is higher. Mobile devices are designed to respond to text messages with ease. The more chances you have at garnering responses, the more you are getting the bang for your buck.

It’s about time that more brands, big and small, see the importance of text messaging. Convenience and brand engagement are key to keeping your business on its toes for your customers.