So You Just Graduated From Uni with a Business Major… What Now?

Posted on Aug 20 2016 - 1:00am by Admin

Opportunities for Business MajorsYou’ve put on the toga, marched down the aisle and shook hands in exchange for a valuable piece of paper. Finally, you are free from university and all the essays and examinations that inevitably come with it. So what’s your next move?

It took you years of hard work, sleepless nights and countless coffee cups in exchange for a degree in business; that’s no mean feat. You might, however, feel a little lost. You may be unsure of what to do next, but there is no need to worry because that’s a dilemma many fresh graduates face.

Here are some things you can do as a fresh graduate with a business degree.

Put up a business

As someone with a degree in business, it would come as no surprise if you choose to put up your own business. The existence of loaning companies such as Rapid Loans makes it easier to get funds for your start-up. Moreover, you’ve studied the general business structures (sole trader, partnership and limited liability company) in the country to get you started.

Apply in a bank or an accounting firm

Veering away from entrepreneurship, you may give banks or accounting firms a try. You don’t own your time in the same way being a business owner would, but to each their own. Banks and firms are a natural choice for a business major who wants to go into the corporate world.

Enter the world of marketing

With New Zealand coming up in the 2015 World Bank survey as the second easiest country to generally do business in, you may straightforwardly enter the world of business without putting up your own. If advertising and sales are your niches, you might want to consider a career in marketing.

Get into public relations

On the other hand, if you like planning and presenting a concept in a way that effectively sells, but are an interpersonal individual, maybe public relations is the career path for you.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, but don’t ever think that there are no career opportunities for you. Armed with a business degree, you can do anything.