Some Tips to Find the Right LED Light for Your Jeep

Posted on Dec 11 2017 - 3:35pm by Admin

A car with LED lightsIf you spend most of your time outdoors in rough terrain, you’ll find that a good LED light bar is indispensable for your vehicle. Whether you drive a jeep, an ATV, or truck, there’s nothing quite like a good lighting system to keep your surroundings visible even in the middle of the night.

Light bars are often placed on the roofs of vehicles to maximize their visibility. If you need to step out of the car in the middle of a trek, a powerful light will help mark the spot where you parked, reducing the chances of getting lost.

In Australia and New Zealand, LED vehicle lights are also used by various law enforcement or emergency agencies. For instance, police and customs officials use a combination of red and blue lights, while tow trucks use amber lights. It helps that they use powerful lights so motorists can tell them apart and respond accordingly.

Some Things to Consider

When picking out a light bar for your vehicle, there are some things to keep in mind. Carefully consider the size of your car, your needs, and your budget.

  1. Size – LED bars can go from six to a whopping 40 inches. Of course, the biggest tubes are meant for the biggest rides. If you own, say, a ten-wheeler truck that you use for cross-state travel, you might want to go for bigger bars.
  2. Color – While it can be very tempting to go with any colour of your choosing, consider that colour schemes are used for official purposes in Australia. In most cases, it’s better to go for a solid white.
  3. Glare – Think of where you’re going to drive. If you think you’re mostly going to drive on highways, it might be better to go with lights with a lower intensity. This is because glare is strictly regulated in the country.

With this information, it shouldn’t be too complicated to find the light bar that will work for you.