Starting an Investment on a Revenue-Generating Lawn Care Franchise

Posted on Sep 6 2018 - 4:43pm by Admin

Mowing the lawn in the playgroundLawn maintenance, tree care and removal, landscaping—these are some of the areas within the scope of lawn franchise opportunities. The range is wide, the market is growing, and the chance of success is high if you work hard and make smart decisions. This is a good time to consider investing in a commercial and/or residential landscaping business.

The market

Tens of billions of dollars in profits are generated by the industry yearly. Estimates for the labor force reach up to 800,000 or more. The industry is booming because the market is considerable. Different surveys conducted within the USA agree that the market for landscaping and lawn maintenance is huge—about 77 million homeowners for starters.

These people are keen on maintaining a pretty yard, and boosting the curb appeal of their homes, but have no time, or are not inclined to get their hands dirty. These people are happy to invest in quality services to sustain a yard that gives them joy as a family and allows them to entertain friends.

The demand for reputable contractors is always high. As an investor, you must consider the great potential for success of a business that can cater to the needs of this market—a market that knows what it wants and has the means to pay for services.

Scope of services

Perhaps the biggest challenge for new investors is finding a niche where they can grow amid healthy competition. To make the right choice, you have to identify the areas where you can establish a name for your brand. Some of the key areas are lawn maintenance, sod installation, pest control and weeding, fertilization, landscape design, and landscape architecture. You have the choice as to the services you will offer, the extent of specialization you are capable of providing the clientele.

The need for landscaping and lawn care services is consistent and ongoing. You can earn from consumables that generate revenue. Are you ready to explore the possibilities and establish your niche?