Success Tips for Freelance Architects

Posted on Jul 3 2017 - 1:00am

Architects Review Plans With Builder.According to the Architect Magazine, the number of architects in the United States surged in 2015 based on the 2015 Survey of Architectural Registration Boards. In 2015, there were 110,168 architects in the US, which represented a two-percent increase from the previous year.

While some continue to work for big firms, there are also those who start to work freelance. If you are taking the path less traveled, here are some success tips that could help you.

Get the training you need

Apart from getting your own 3D home architecture software you can purchase from online vendors such as, you can work with a company that provides services in 3D rending, architectural consultation, 3D floor plans, virtual finish selection application development, and more.

This is especially important if you have not work for any architectural firm but still want to venture on your own.

Research on what the clients need

Many people, especially homeowners, hire freelance architects hoping to save some money instead of hiring big architectural firms. If you are going to work as a freelance architect, you need to know the general expectations of clients and what they look for.

Normally, projects vary from simple design consultations, specific floor plans, landscaping, and complex design structures. In the beginning, you need to have a lot of expertise but soon, you can focus on a specialty, and you can then choose your clients and projects.

Build your clientele

As a freelance architect, you earn your clientele through referrals from past clients. It is not enough that you get freelance jobs from the internet, you need to get recommendations from the people you have already worked with.

Networking is a more powerful tool to generate leads and keep clients, instead of bidding for projects online.

If you already have the necessary requirements to work as a licensed architect, you can start your freelance operations right away. You do not even need a commercial space to rent, you can simply work in the comforts of your own home until you are ready to expand.