Teaching Children to Write Is Necessary and a Useful Skill for Life

Posted on Oct 10 2018 - 3:19pm by Admin

Elementary students writing in classWriting is a fundamental skill. It is a hallmark of a literate person. However, knowing how to write does not make a person a writer. There are levels of skill and years of training.

One recommendation in developing writing skills is a concept followed by Studentreasures Publishing, where students write their stories under the supervision of the teacher. These stories get published in a book.

Importance of Stories

Children who know how to read have more self-confidence. They perform better in school and are more socially mature. Reading translates well to writing as a skill. It has to start in young children.

Writing a narrative is an exercise in logic. They can express themselves better. They would be better at narrating a logical story. This is important when it comes to writing a letter, a report, or even a technical material.

Business writing, and even writing emails as office memos need a narrative which progresses towards a conclusion. Even with the use of computers, children who know how to write have an advantage in the workplace.

Making Writing Possible

Supporting a child to write requires an environment which motivates them to learn. It starts with reading and developing vocabulary. This progresses to a love of reading of all genres, and across all types of books.

The beautiful language enamors the child. It also helps to create a signature and a writing identity. The child gets into a routine where he sits down at a specific time, with pen and paper, and starts to write. He writes about anything. It could be about the weather, or about his friends, or his family. The writing ability develops with the daily routine.

Writing is an important skill which is required of the corporate world. It is a skill which an adult should not lose. It also happens to be a skill which children should develop early.

There are self-publishing books systems which help children and their schools to have their work published. It is also essential that a child is motivated to write as a work routine.