The Difference Types of Construction Lifts

Posted on Apr 9 2018 - 4:47pm by Admin

Construction lift used in wall paintingA construction lift is an ideal way for workers to reach a certain height. There are several types of boom lifts available for sale in the market today. Choosing the right kind of construction lift can help you effectively do your tasks and finish your project.

Scissor Lift

The scissor lift received its name after the motion that the cross-braces make as they press together and launch the platform upwards at a certain level.

Bucket Truck

A bucket truck has an extendable arm that has a crate at the end in which a worker can control the equipment. Since the boom is attached to a regular truck, the apparatus can endure high speeds when traveling on the road and still stay intact.

Articulated Boom Lift

The other term for articulated boom lift is a knuckle lift. Just like the bucket truck, it has a work platform attached to an arm.

However, the articulated boom lift gives the worker more control over the direction that they’re going. Most construction sites use this type of machinery to maneuver through hazardous obstacles.

Telescopic Boom Lift

This type of boom lift has a platform connected to a notably long arm, which gives it much better stability — primarily when working on more significant heights. Most firefighters use this type of boom lift when trying to reach a burning area located in a high perimeter.

These are the basic types of boom lift depending on their structure and usage. You may always ask the company you plan to work with. They will know which one is best for your business needs. It’s important to remember which one suits your business the most so you can get the best for your money.