The Painless and Easier Road to Homeownership

Posted on Aug 3 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

For sale sign in foreground, House with steps and lawn in backgroundBuilding that dream house is likely to be the largest financial project you’ve undertaken to date. A budget 3-bedroom house is likely to set you back about $160,000, while a premium one inches closer to the $200,000 mark. Mind you, this is exclusive of the cost of the lot where you’ll put up the house.

Keeping these figures in mind can help you get the best deal in your search for a house and land in Geelong. Ashbury Armstrong Creek notes that regardless of the size of your dream house, it carries high expectations that you need to meet to harness the joys of homeownership.

1. Don’t overstretch your finances.

One thing about dreams is that they are often lofty and sometimes the border on the improbable. While it’s okay to indulge your eccentric taste when building a dream house, it is not okay to go beyond your capabilities.

The state of your finances and available budget should serve as your beacon and guide the process. Don’t go big without a solid financial footing as it precedes a disaster.

For starters, you might run out of money halfway through and be forced to abandon the project halfway. Or, you might have to procure loans at exorbitant rates and ruin your finances for the foreseeable future.

2. Pick the right location.

How would like to encounter maddening traffic every time you leave the house for work every morning and back again in the evening? How about driving your kids for miles every day to the good school district? Probably not much.

Well, these are some of the consequences that could result if you don’t pay attention to the location. You need to pick a lot in a location that doesn’t cause you pain as you go about your daily life. You would be surprised how inconveniencing it would be if you must drive for miles to access a mall.

Building a house is a great achievement in life, and it comes with a great deal of pride and satisfaction. Hence, you need to make every effort to keep the experience happy and painless as possible.