The Real Reason No One is Reading Your Blog (and the Cure for it)

Posted on Sep 17 2015 - 12:00am by Admin

blogIt’s the nightmare almost every business fears: no one’s reading the blog posts. This problem can be frustrating; in fact, this is often the reason many companies abandon their blog page altogether. But what exactly is the root of this problem? The answers to this question hold the key to finding the solution that will help you get out of that content strategy dilemma.

Content No One Wants

There are many reasons people don’t read your blogs. Your approach may be too self-centered, meaning you focus too much on products and services. Or, you probably lost your voice and brand’s personality that the content became too flat or boring. These problems, however, are just under one big issue, though: you are probably writing content no one wants to see. is a leading article services provider and says that many businesses fall into the trap of writing haphazardly, ignoring the importance of thinking about their audience. As a result, you produce content that merely talks about your business, rather than what it can do for your target market. Or, you use strategies for engagement that are too general, making your content bland and boring.

Fortunately, there is a cure to this habit: a strong audience persona.

The Secret to Compelling Content

A piece of content will only be successful it if it’s personalized, meaning it talks to a specific person (the potential consumer), addresses a specific need, at a specific stage in their purchasing decision. In other words, you need to have targeted content that shows how well you understand your audience, their needs, preferences, and specific buying needs.

One effective way of getting to know your audience is to create audience personas, or profiles of your target market.

Start by collecting basic information about your market. You may interview existing customers, either personally or on social media. As you ask questions, keep in mind that you are looking for two kinds of information: demographics and behaviors.

Learn more about their educational background, jobs, the industry they are in, location, gender, and more. For behaviors, understand their expectations about products and services and needs that need addressing to ensure purchase.

Make multiple personas for each type of customer you’re targeting. This will force you to think strategically about your audience and write content that appeals to their needs.

Why aren’t people reading your blogs? The reason is simple: they don’t like it. They don’t like it because it doesn’t appeal to their interests. Practice writing targeted content and you’ll be able to boost readership.