The Swag Bag: 3 Unique Giveaways for the Holidays

Posted on Dec 7 2016 - 6:19pm by Admin

Giveaway in AvondaleChristmas is around the corner and people from all over the world are already thinking about what they can give their loved ones as gifts. This is an opportunity for business to make an impression among customers and partners, or to at least remind existing customers about your brand and your new products. Here are some ideas for your giveaways:


It can be a wine of average cost or something a little more luxurious. Save this giveaway for special recipients if the cost is limiting. For example, give wine only to customers who have supported you for the past five years or more. You can also save it for business partners or investors.

Of course, if you’re a wine producer, all the more reason to give away samples of your products. Unimax says that you can make your wine giveaways special by using special holiday-themed wine labels from NZ suppliers.

Free download

This definitely has marketing written all over it. A free download is a great idea because most of your customers who have smartphones or tablets. Give them a useful downloadable gift, such as an e-book about how they can maximise the use of your products or tips and tricks they didn’t know about.

Mobile case or accessory

It’s rare for someone to not own a mobile phone, and a good majority of your customers probably has an iPhone. Give them a customised case or an accessory. A reminder, though. Do not cover the entire case with your brand or product. A small one at the lower portion will do. What’s important is it doesn’t look too much like a promotional item. It takes lots of creativity so choose your designer and supplier wisely.

The best giveaways are those that make your customers smile and appreciate your effort. You can always give pens and pins on other occasions, but for the Holidays, make sure it’s something extra special.