Three Hacks to Up Your Marketing Game as a Small Business

Posted on Mar 15 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

Marketing Strategy for Small BusinessPicture the scene — a small startup business in a little town, say, somewhere in Connecticut. You need to get a word out about your business. But with limitations on location and finances, what kind of marketing strategies should you arm yourself with?

Take advantage of digital marketing

No matter what type of business you’re running, as a small startup, one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies is extensive digital marketing. Invest in creating an online presence. Have your own website; constantly update and ensure that it is SEO optimized, and use SNS to connect with people.

Create relevant content

Employing digital marketing relies heavily on content. Content can be in the form of video, blog post, infographic, and the like. But no matter which medium you choose, ensure that you produce relevant content that your target audience wants and will be engaged in. For example, think of the questions a potential client might ask and answer that by highlighting the product or service you offer. Answer in a creative manner that will catch people’s attention and interest.

Go beyond digital marketing

While it is the age of digital marketing, it should still not be your end-all and be-all strategy. Get more traffic and generate leads by going beyond SEO and SNS interaction. For example, try to invest in online marketing or go old school and interact with clients (including potential clients) in person. You’ll find that these efforts can actually turn into profitable lead generation or at the very least, more website traffic.

While these three tricks are just a few of the number of tactics out there, these should give you a head start on coming up with your own marketing strategy that would help get a word out about your business. Start reviewing the strategies you’re currently using and try to see how the tips discussed above can be used to strengthen your own game.