Three Reasons You Should Recycle Your Old Car

Posted on Apr 28 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

Old carThe benefits of recycling are well known, and it is just as important to recycle vehicles as it is to recycle household goods. Old cars that can no longer be sold and used should be treated, broken down and recycled.

If a beloved old banger has finally given up, do not leave it rotting in your driveway. Cars pollute not only while they are running. They continue to do so even after their last road trip.

Dumped cars contaminate the soil

As used vehicles rot away, they leak battery fluid and other chemicals into the soil, contaminating the environment for people, animals and plants. Cars that are for the scrap heap must now be treated by law to prevent pollution. A waste management company that provides scrap car disposal services says the treatment includes the following:

  • Removal of the battery, LPG tank, airbags and pre-tensioners;
  • Removal and safe storage of petrol, diesel, motor oil, gearbox oil and hydraulic oil;
  • Removal and safe storage of cooling liquids and anti-freeze; and
  • Removal and safe storage of brake and air conditioning fluids.

Dumped cars encourage pests

They also degrade the look of the neighbourhood and may attract insects or even rats. Abandoned vehicles are nesting grounds for rodents and therefore, a health and safety hazard. From the driveway, they may then find their way into the home and end up costing the homeowner pest control fees.

Dumped cars may incur fines

Tenants and residents of rented accommodation may incur fines from their housing association or break the terms of their tenancy agreement by leaving a scrap car on the grounds of the property.

Seeking the services of a professional waste management company will mean that no parts of your car will end up in the landfill site. Hazardous chemicals are safely treated, and any usable parts are recycled too. This is a better use of resources and eases the burden on the UK’s already full refuse amenity sites while helping the previous owner keep his home and environment clean.