Tips for Throwing a Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget

Posted on Nov 7 2018 - 8:53pm by Admin

Kids enjoying a birthday partyThrowing a birthday bash for your baby shouldn’t break the bank. Are you looking for ways to celebrate without blowing a ton of cash on this particular day? Here are some helpful tips:

Set the Birthday Party in the Afternoon

Skipping big meals for lunch or dinner drastically reduces the budget needed to feed the visitors. When the party is from around 2 pm to 5 pm, the guest will not expect a full meal. In Australia, cakes from ice cream stores can level up any birthday party. Purchase a couple of these cakes and prepare some sandwiches for the kids. Pair them with refreshing drinks, and you’re set.

Make a Plan

Birthdays come every year, so while your kid is young, you have the luxury of year-round planning. Having to buy things last minute or being pressured by a tight schedule can make you spend more money on things that you could’ve saved and planned for. It also buys you time to be on the lookout for sales for party staples all year.

Skip the Paper Invitations

Paper invitations are just outdated. It’s best to create a digital image and send it to the parents and kids you want to invite. Skip spending money on printing and spend that on a designer instead. Better yet, use DIY graphic design websites like Canva to help you create invitations on your own.

Don’t Fall for Party Store Tricks

Buying supplies from party stores usually means that you pay for party prices as well. They put a premium price because they profit from people who come in for the convenience of buying everything in one place. However, purchasing supplies from other places will usually cost you much less. Big box stores will sell you candy prizes and even plates and cups for much less.

Save your cash for your kid’s future by throwing a budget party that doesn’t feel cheap at all. Make sure to take many pictures and enjoy the big day with your friends and family.