To Multiply Your Business, Multiply Your Thank Yous

Posted on Oct 26 2015 - 9:37am by Admin

GiftsNow, here’s one tip all businesses will do well to apply. You could doubt its results, even cast a critical eye on all those corporate citizens practicing it. However, be wary. For better business results, you should be saying thank you more often.

A thank you is more than just an exercise of professional courtesy or a timely reminder of the holiday season. When you say thank you, you affirm how much you care, which is at the heart of why businesses succeed.

From the Bottom of Your Heart

It may seem trivial, but a thank you can define your business like no other. Social Triggers, an online pundit for corporate success, details that if you’re not too happy with your business results, you should deploy a thank you more often – driving the point home with a YouTube video, the “Power of Thank You”.

On a more personal note, one study published in the journal Personal Relationships reveal that couples who practice the act of gratitude more often build a more lasting marriage than those who don’t. A thank you is a great relationship builder, and at far less the cost of a full-blown marketing campaign.

Added to this, a state of gratitude reduces stress as it improves the heart’s rhythmic functioning, an Institute of HeartMath research shows.

Saying It Best

For best results, the act of gratitude should come from the heart and never appear contrived or scripted. Therefore, finding ways, to express your gratitude should be undertaken with conscious effort. A unique thank you gift basket for instance, rather than the usual thank you note, could be most fitting for prized customers.

Such a unique expression can only bring happy thoughts to your customer – a conclusion hard to arrive at with the usual canned method. Knowing its importance, Huffington Post explores in striking detail guidelines how to best say thank you, especially in the corporate world.

When you make it a habit to express gratitude naturally, your business grows by leaps and bounds, also naturally.