Types of Cemeteries for Eco-Friendly Services

Posted on Aug 8 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

Girl holding a rose in a funeralIn the present age where everyone is more conscious of environmental care, it is no wonder that people are going green in nearly every phase of their life, even in death. A majority of people are choosing to have green funerals in their wills and are opting for the same for their loved ones. Eco funeral services help to conserve the environment while uniting the dead with nature.

You, however, could be wondering whether there are cemeteries that apply the principle of green burials? Well, while not all the areas have embraced the green burial lifestyle, but some are open to the idea. These cemeteries vary according to their requirements, and conditions, but fall into three major categories:

Natural Burial Grounds

This type of burial ground embraces green burying outside ordinary traditional cemeteries, using woodlands and other natural settings. Everything that goes into the grave, including the caskets, should purely comprise of natural materials. The land maintenance of the cemetery grounds does not use any pesticides or chemicals, too.


Some cemeteries offer traditional cemetery services but have a special section for green burying services. In this section, the caskets should, however, still be environmentally friendly. Unlike the natural burial grounds that prohibit embalming, the hybrid type permits embalming as long as it will be toxic-free.

Conservation Burial

Conservation burial grounds are similar to the natural burial grounds except that they have a preserved area; a section that is the burial section and the other is a conservation area. The funds from the green burying services go into conserving the other portion of the ground.

Eco funeral services are on the rise due to people’s preference for a sustainable and environmentally-friendly living. It is, however, essential you understand the different types of green funerals to guide you in making an informed decision on where you would love to lay your loved ones to rest when paying your last respects.