Types of Outdoor Lighting Installations

Posted on Jun 11 2018 - 1:31am by Admin

Well-lit Patio of a HouseNatural light is the ideal option for outdoor lighting. In most cases, however, this is inadequate. Artificial outdoor lighting is not only meant to enhance your nighttime security and illuminate your property but also to complement your property’s overall look.

There are many lighting installation options offered by electricians. The ideal choice depends on your primary objective for the lighting and the look you want for your property. Rockwall Electric shares some of the options available for outdoor lighting installation:


These give you wide-spanning lights covering expansive areas and tucked away nooks, which may not be easy to illuminate. They protect your property from robbery and public spaces from getting vandalized. Floodlights are the best option for parking lots and stadiums. This outdoor lighting option uses LED bulbs for energy-efficiency and superior performance.

Landscape Lights

This outdoor lighting design is used to highlight specific areas of your landscape. These include greenery, as well as floral and architectural features like columns. Landscape lights are also used in industrial yards to enhance the security of the premises. Among the most popular designs used in landscape lighting are lanterns and scones in multiple colors to complement your scenery.


Spotlights are typically used in landscaping and accent lighting. Rather than spreading over a vast expanse as floodlights do, spotlights focus their beam on narrow lines on a specific focal point. The objective of spotlights is to draw attention to particular areas, such as statues, signs, waterways, and pools. To focus attention on what you aim to highlight, do not use too many spotlights since your outdoors will become over-lit.

Your property’s exterior look forms the basis of what everyone thinks about the whole property in general. Professionally installed, these outdoor lighting options can transform your property into a magical location. Rather than opting for costly renovation projects, hire an electrician to upgrade your property’s look with outdoor lighting.