Underdogs Reign: Outsmart those Large Firms with Clever Digital Ad Strategies

Posted on Jan 6 2017 - 8:34am by Admin

Digital AgencySmall- and medium-sized companies in Melbourne usually face an everlasting battle to compete with large firms. They always get the upper hand by having a huge budget, a bigger physical presence, and more employees. Fortunately, technology and digital agencies today are starting to help level the playing field. The underdogs have discovered that launching a digital presence is an effective way to compete for their consumers.

Keep your company updated with the digital trends and rely on the strategies below to reach more consumers and increase your sales.

Use social media to your advantage

Besides the never-ending release of upgraded devices, digital channels have also multiplied rapidly. Consumers can now anticipate the convenience of communicating with their favourite brands through any channel they prefer. The majority of the population consider social media as their go-to channel with 79 percent of consumers aged 18 to 29.

Through the use of these channels, small to medium businesses can use this as a way to advertise and develop a basic social media presence.

Optimise the mobile experience for consumers

The consumers today are pretty busy, which includes their shopping habits. Australia’s eCommerce market last year was the second biggest in all of Asia-Pacific region. Experts even predict that the overall online spending will exceed AUD 24 billion in 2018. With these increasing mobile consumption rates, it is pretty obvious that the companies who do not accommodate online shoppers will be outperformed by their strategic competitors.

To stay on the battlefield, they must fully optimise their website for mobile users besides using a responsive design. This should include advertisements that have a clear call-to-action, clean images and ads with simple messages.

Through clever strategies and with the help of a digital agency in Melbourne, small businesses can outwit their larger competition despite the big finances they have spent. Keep up with the trends to ensure that you can keep up with the standards and preferences of your consumers.