Unique Art and Photo Gift Ideas

Posted on Dec 21 2015 - 7:14am by Admin

 Print Art GiftsRunning out of ideas for gifts can lead to embarrassing results. Imagine having similar gifts given to two people who know each other. What about you and another guest giving the same gift?

Here are printed art works, painting and portrait ideas for those times that you absolutely need to give something unique and special.

For Newlyweds

Look for a picture of the happy couple during their more laid back days during their pre-wedding or before-engagement days. Engage the help of friends and family to find the perfect one. Before you have it blown up and framed by a high quality art printing company, be sure that it’s a photo they both adore.

For Debutantes

What’s her favourite place? Do you know her favourite pet or flower? Find something she absolutely loves (place, pet, flora, etc.) and check with a reproductions company for original art work with her interest as the main theme. Have it blown up to fit one part of her room and use a frame that goes well with her room’s colour scheme.

For Wedding Anniversaries

Search for a wedding photo that they wish they’ve had blown up and framed but didn’t manage to for one reason or another. If they already have their best photo blown up then find another photo they love and never managed to enlarge. Have that photo digitally enhanced first before printing and framing.

For Graduating Students

They will need something to decorate their first flat so make sure you find a photo they like or an art reproduction of a subject they adore. Ask people close to the recipient for advice so that you don’t end up giving something they don’t like. If in doubt, large paintings of natural views and sceneries help make a small room look more spacious.

Expect your gift to receive some attention as soon as you bring it to the venue. Hopefully, when they do see the gift they will realise how much love and extra effort you’ve put into preparing it for them.