Veterinary Marketing: Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Posted on May 15 2017 - 3:39am

Girl with her dog with a vet

Promoting your veterinary practice could be quite a challenge, what with all the other competitors and in between patient consultations and emergencies that could happen any given day. However, it’s extremely crucial that you avoid making these common mistakes when implementing these marketing strategies.

When Posting Photos and Videos Online

Although sharing videos and photos could help in boosting customer engagement online and building a reputation of trust and caring, always ask permission from your clients before you post pictures or videos of them or their pets. Additionally, tell them exactly where you’re going to publish your post and tag them if applicable.

When Setting Up your Loyalty Program

While a loyalty program could retain customers and attract new ones, ensure that you set realistic goals for the participants. For instance, you wouldn’t want to require that your members accrue 150 redeemable loyalty points to get a reward when you only give out five loyalty points for every visit. Set attainable parameters or your loyal customers could opt out of your loyalty program.

When Publishing Blog Posts

Primarily, don’t start a blog or social media page for your veterinary practice if you can’t regularly update it and offer fresh content for your subscribers. Keep in mind that while blogging and social media could help boost your site’s SEO ranking and customer engagement, they won’t help if you fail to provide content.

When Offering Promotional Products or Discounts for Customer Referrals

To help lower the expenses of handing out discounts or multiple custom veterinary promotional products every time a customer refers your practice to another person, you should set a limit for the number of referrals a customer would be compensated for. For instance, “Get a freebie or discounted service when you refer five friends.” On the other hand, if you already have a solid practice that earns well, and discounts or freebies won’t affect your bottom line, then, by all means, reward your customers as much free stuff as you can.

Although some of these common mistakes might seem inconsequential, it’s vital that you pay attention to them. By being aware of these potential pitfalls, you’d be better equipped to make a veterinary marketing campaign that would benefit you and your customers.