Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business Effectively

Posted on Apr 21 2017 - 1:12pm by Admin

Social media on a keyboardSocial media is fast becoming a go-to medium for businesses who want to boost their conversion rates and interact with their online communities. A platform that provides you with plenty of opportunities and potential for business success is Instagram. Instagram does not only allow you to post photos of your hotel, but also publish videos that add value to your marketing campaigns.

Experts on online hotel marketing, peak14media.com, cite the following ways on how you can leverage Instagram.

Day in the Life

Instagram is a social media platform that provides you the opportunity to show your intended market a more personal side of your business. This is valuable to the hospitality industry such as hotels because guests and clients want to know more about the company and the brand. Doing so gives your establishment has a “human face” that people can relate to. These videos can come in the form of the background of staff, why they chose to work with your organization and what they think is the difference between your hotel and the competition.

Mini Articles

Instagram stories provide you with a different way to display content. This feature allows you to string together different types of videos for your audience, whether it is a how-to article on how a guest can make reservations or what they can expect when they stay at your hotel. This enables you to post videos and photos of your establishment.

Showcase Rooms

Videos are the content type that most people want to consume, because all they need to do is push play. This works to your advantage because Instagram stories allow you to publish a video of the rooms you offer. This enables you to showcase the best features of the room, enticing and piquing the interest of potential guests.

These are some ways to leverage Instagram stories and integrate it with your other social media campaigns. An integrated approach allows you to maximize resources and reach a wider audience.