What Every New Event Planner Should Have

Posted on Jul 4 2017 - 3:17pm

Spotlight and laser rays test for an eventEvent planning is a viable career choice, perfect for those who have the organizational skills to pull off large tasks. While event planning might seem like such a glamorous job, it takes a lot of skill and resources to be successful in this business.

Here are some tips when you are starting your own.

Build Your Network of Suppliers and Staff

Event planning hinges largely on the people you know or the contacts you have. Before starting, you need a solid base for necessary resources, such as event rentals here in St. Paul, MN, sound system providers, table and chairs, caterers, and light systems.

Nowadays, event planners need contacts with more than just the staples in a party. Staff resources, knowledge of people who make specialized cakes, centre tables, and even ice sculptures might be a necessary part of your repertoire.

Having these extra resources puts you above the rest when it comes to what you can provide.

Have a Mix and Match Event Package Ready for Your Clients

Everyone wants a great event, but no one likes to spend too much for it. A good event planner should have ready packages that essentially allow customers to mix and match situations so that they can get the perfect plan for their needs.

Try to categorize events by cost and then offer a list of options that fall within that specific price range. You might be surprised at how much better your clients will appreciate this approach.

Have Insurance for Everything

Always make sure you have sufficient insurance coverage to keep you protected in case of problems. Event planning is mainly a service industry rather than a product industry so make a point of putting up general liability insurance for your business.

If you are outsourcing, it is equally important to screen your supplies beforehand. Ideally, they should all have sufficient insurance to keep themselves covered.

Event planning moves primarily on word of mouth, which is why it becomes doubly important to make an impact on your clients. Make a point of following through with your promises and continuously cultivate resources to keep your offerings interesting.