What Heavy Trucks Need to Do When Hauling Larger Loads

Posted on Dec 21 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

A truck with heavy loadThe New Zealand Transport Agency may allow a heavy truck to transport loads that are bigger than the dimensions of the vehicle carrying it.

Such loads should not be larger than the maximum dimensions allowed on the type of truck, and it is still possible for the truck to move safely even the load’s size is slightly bigger.

To ensure road safety, heavy trucks with larger load dimension are required to use size-specific special warning devices attached to the protruding or overextended loads.

Heavy trucks with oversized loads need to be highly visible

The Transport Agency have provided the size and colour specifications of the special warning devices truckers should attach to the over-sized cargo during daytime and nighttime. Truck trailers in New Zealand with larger loads should be more visible to other motorists while on the same road.

During nighttime, truckers need to use specialised lights and should be more visible while on the road, unlike daytime when they are required to use flags. Depending on weather conditions, truckers should ensure the lights are visible even 200 metres away.

Trucks are also required to have reflectors to add up to visibility.

Things you need to know before you start operating as a trucker

If you have plans of becoming a trucker, you will be required to have a transport service licence if your vehicle has a 6,000-kg or over gross laden weight. Keep in mind that you can only receive such a licence if the agency determines that you are fit.

Though authorities will allow trucks to carry loads with bigger dimensions, they are still under regulation and strictly required to be visible to other motorists to promote safety. Truckers are required to secure a TSL before they could operate as a business in New Zealand.