What to Ask Before You Buy an Orchard

Posted on Feb 23 2018 - 3:48am by Admin

a woman picking an appleYounger people are getting into farming, from a simple suburban herb garden to a full-on vegetable farm in the countryside. And you want to make the move, too, with visions of vibrant peaches adorning your orchard farm. Before you get ahead of yourself, though, you need to know the challenges that come with farming.

The financial aspect of starting an orchard is one thing to consider. Experienced loan experts from Farm Mortgage Loan share that you need all the funding and support you can get to run a profitable orchard. Other things to consider include the following concerns:

1. How much acreage will you be able to manage?

Think about time, money, and labor. How many acres of land will you be able to manage? Do you have enough people to handle the size of land that you plan to have?

2. What are the land conditions you’d require?

If you’ve already chosen a location, find out how the land was used in the past years. Has it been treated with any kind of chemicals? If you plan to grow organic crops, you may need to have some tests done.

3. Does your target location have versatile growing conditions?

As your single-fruit orchard thrives, you may want to go into farming other produce in the future. Find out if the land can handle other crops or even house livestock.

4. What type of amenities do you plan to have near your orchard?

You may need a shed, a house, or any type of storage area. Some properties have these included in their prices. If they don’t, make sure you’ll be allowed to add your own if you plan to have other structures built in the future.

The whole process of purchasing your piece of farmland can be overwhelming. But if you consider these things and do diligent research on all other aspects of the business, you’ll have that orchard you’ve always envisioned.