What You Should Look for When Buying a Condo?

Posted on Oct 25 2018 - 10:02am by Admin

a condominiumAre you living in Manila and looking for the perfect getaway? Some of the condos for sale in Makati has the best deals for you. The design is a masterpiece by one of the most popular architects whose work is known all over the world. The location of the condos provides comfort, as well as proximity to all the key destinations within and outside the city.
The properties feature well thought out designs that focus on space saving and functionality. Here’s what you should know before buying a condo in Makati or any other major city in the Philippines:

Know About the Special Assessments

When in need of significant upgrades, an extra amount of money is always charged. You must be aware that an additional monthly payment could be requested for maintenance. The special assessments include the maintenance fee.

Know the Rules of the Building

Some regulations may affect you personally. Rules and standards are important, as they ensure that you don’t mess with the property managers and other clients.

Decide What Type of Building You Want

A condo could be either new or old. With a new building, you get to choose what you want to do with your space. With an older unit, you get a status certificate about the past inspections of the building.

Have a Financial Plan

When obtaining an apartment or condo, note that it must fit your budget. You should consult your business manager to ensure that the money you are spending on the condo is the right amount.

Learn About Property Management

It is important to know the management policy of the building. The property manager always knows the state of the building and can give you pertinent information.

Living in the metro has many benefits. If you are dreaming of living a few minutes away from your office and the primary establishments, start looking for the right condo to buy today.