Why Are Landing Pages So Important Now?

Posted on May 30 2017 - 2:31am by Admin

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The landing page is the page that visitors lands on. Website owners and online marketers recognize this as a standalone page that has a focused use. Experts use this as a means to further funnel a visitor further down the buying channel, carefully crafting information and content to convince a person to make a purchase or at least sign-up.

Why Are Landing Pages Important?

You may have done all you can to promote your brand, such as solidifying perception in your niche and conveying the value proposition, but these may not be enough when you try to reach a wider audience online. This is when landing pages come in; they are useful tools that improve conversions and at least generate leads.

An SEO expert from Boston MA cites that a landing page enables you to de-clutter a home page or other pages on your website. Overloading information and content on one page may confuse a visitor or diminish the importance of your value proposition and brand message.

Different landing pages that have a specific purpose allow you to focus your strategies based on what a potential customer is looking for or how further along the process of buying they are. This makes sure customers that are on the fringe turn into conversions because a landing page gives them all the information they need for a successful conversion.

A landing page also directs a visitor to the quickest possible action you want them to take. As a standalone, you can use it for filling out forms, certain products or services, and other applications you may need.

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

Now that you know the importance of landing pages, you must also know what constitutes a good one. Here are some of the characteristics to look out for:

  • The page focuses on promos, information and details about products and services.
  • The page is free of clutter and unimportant information.
  • They address the needs of a specific target market.
  • The page requests for form fill outs or answers to a survey.

These are the traits of a good landing page; learn how to leverage one to improve your page rank and attract a wider audience.