Why Outsourcing IT Services Makes More Sense for Cybersecurity

Posted on Jun 6 2018 - 1:00am by Admin

businessman typing on a glowing laptopThird-party IT service providers will be more necessary due to a probable shortage of cybersecurity professionals by 2022. This prediction is from a report from two federal government units.

The US Departments of Commerce and Department of Homeland Security’s report showed that there would be as much as 1.8 million job vacancies in the IT sector in the next four years.

Some states such as Texas have already recognized the need to beef up their digital security networks through the managed security services (MSS) scheme.

Streamlined Services

The MSS contract will provide public sector companies with access to disaster recovery services in Texas, among other resources for cybersecurity improvement. This is according to Texas CIO Todd Kimbriel.

Disaster recovery management is important not only for public agencies but also for private sector groups that handle sensitive information. Taxpayer-funded agencies can also procure services under the MSS scheme, particularly for smaller organizations with limited funding and resources.

The MSS contract provides three key service components, which comprise security monitoring and device management, incident response, and risk and compliance. If you still plan to hire cybersecurity professionals, a shortage of skilled candidates would make it more difficult to do so.

Lack of Qualifications

As of August 2017, there were almost 300,000 job openings in the cybersecurity field. However, reports noted that fewer cybersecurity instructors and complicated hiring processes restricted successful selection of candidates.

This indicates a serious need for the federal government to invest in education programs. In the meantime, companies need to consider IT outsourcing as an alternative to protect their digital networks.

A certain advantage of third-party service providers involves reduced costs, which could be up to 50% cheaper than forming an in-house team and buying the necessary equipment.

When choosing an IT service provider, consider those that offer a variety of services for a flat-rate fee per month.