Why Should You Run A Pre-Employment Background Check?

Posted on May 31 2018 - 5:34am by Admin

Job InterviewIn Australia, with the growing population and a predicted downturn in the economy, the job market is becoming leaner. As a result, many people exaggerate their accomplishments and some applicants lie in their CV when applying for work. With many CVs to read through, time spent on each one is limited; however, it’s your duty as an employer to come up with a working strategy aimed at sifting through the applicants and finding the best fit with the best character. Checking for a criminal record is even more time-consuming, particularly since candidates can apply from anywhere. So if you need to screen an applicant for a police record, whether they’re from NSW or NT, you need to apply for a national police check.

What are the benefits of conducting a background check?

It Highlights Past Criminal Records

Background checks help you know if the potential employee has a criminal past. Criminals falsify their credentials in order to gain entrance to job markets.

It Helps You Know Who You Are Dealing With

Background checks enable you to fulfil your due diligence as an employer. A background check helps you uncover wrongdoing committed in the past, and whether the crime would affect the person’s ability to perform the job. For example, a traffic violation will not compromise the ability of a software engineer to manage IT, but it will have implications for someone applying for a job as a bus driver.

You Do It for Security Reasons

Some applicants may be dangerous and present a security threat to your workplace, other staff and clients. A background check will uncover an applicant’s violent past.

Verification of Education Certificates

A background check on the education documents ensures that you employ competent staff. Screening can uncover certificate forgeries.

It could be costly and time-consuming for the HR department to follow-up background checks for every applicant; luckily, companies are available to do the donkey work for you and give you peace of mind ‒ quickly.