With Great Web Design Comes Great Responsiveness: The Truth About Responsive Web Design

Posted on Aug 13 2015 - 12:28am by Admin

websiteIf you are just starting to understand how web design can help your business, there is one hot topic you need to be particularly familiar with — responsive web design. Users today view websites not just on desktop anymore, but on other devices as well like tablets and smartphones. If your site is compatible with only one screen resolution, it is high time to catch up with this latest web design trend.

Over the years, designers and front-end developers in the US have approached the challenge in various ways. Website design experts say, however, that there are some rules you need to observe so you can step up in making your website more responsive. Here are some rules about responsive web design you should know:

There is No “Universal” Template

Designers often have ready-made templates when presenting some designs to their clients. This is to give them a clear sense of what web professionals can do. This does not mean they are confined to the particular layouts. When it comes to responsive web design, there is really no universal template. At some point, designers have to make adjustments and change a few things to make a page become responsive.

Work with Real Content

Working with just content templates is like feeling your way around in a dark room. While you will have a vague idea of how the site would look like, it is still best to see the clear picture, so you can make the right adjustments. If possible, know what type of content you will be using for each specific page. For example, if it would be text-heavy, designers usually choose the best typography practice that can make reading easier for the users.

Do Not Stop with Mobile

Often, some want their site to be responsive, so it will be easier for mobile users to view their site. Just remember not to neglect desktop viewing experience, too. The rule of thumb is to pay attention to how your site responds to every platform and not just concentrate on one. This gives anyone a pleasant user experience whatever platform they may use.

Responsive web design is changing the way designers create sites for their clients and improve online marketing results. With a good understanding of the basics and through the help of web design experts, you can make your site be up to modern design standards.