Working Hard for the Money: Top Careers to Consider in Finance

Posted on Nov 10 2016 - 8:23am by Admin

Financial AnalystThe first question on any degree holder’s mind is where that piece of paper will take them. Starting a career in finance is no different. Listed in this article are some of the top and best-paying careers in the field.

Experience Needed

Most top positions in financial services require years of experience. If you are fresh from recruitment, you will need to put in the necessary time. The top people in the field have at least twenty years of experience under their belts.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst looks at investments and recommends them to clients. Your job is to take in your client’s current financial status and find suitable investments. This career path can start as a financial product salesperson, and the amount you can earn depends on the type of client you get. As you climb the ladder, you will find yourself managing wealthier clients in need of expert advice. The better your expertise, the more your clients will trust you and the better you earn. A financial analyst works typically for banks, insurance companies, and mutual fund companies.

Financial Manager

Financial managers take care of a corporation’s financial obligations and compliance with the law. This is a heavy responsibility; any errors or failures at your job can mean trouble for the company and result in your termination. But, because of the weight of this task, you will be compensated equally. You will need a background in accounting if you intend to aim for this level.


As a controller, you will be in charge of keeping the company’s budget, debt and financial planning organised. You will also be the one to set and enforce financial rules that the company has to follow and ensure that your company’s accounting methods are in line with the law. Most companies look for people with around 10 years experience in the field for this position.

Pay rates can vary depending on your location, so it does matter where you start practising. But most importantly, gain experience — it will be your best leverage in the long run.