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Brian Catell believes comprehension starts with reading, but learning starts with asking the right questions. We want you to send us your questions. What keeps you up at night? What questions send you waking in the morning? What is it you ask yourself during your downtime? What curiosities do you dwell on while your coffee goes cold? Write to us and tell us. Maybe we can answer, maybe others can.

Maybe you can answer the question yourself. If you have an answer, an idea, anything at all you think someone out there would be glad to hear, let us know. If you have a thought, a subject, you don’t know where to put, what to do with, give it to us and we will work on it. Maybe it will help others who need it better. If you have a stroke of genius, or even just a small budding concept, write to us.

We Want to Hear From You

We welcome any form of submission: be it a simple topic, an idea, or a full-length discourse on a subject nobody talks about enough. We want you to write to us. While the Internet is filled with everything already and while someone out there probably talked about this idea already, we want you to rethink it and re-angle it until it assumes an original form.

We are inclined to publish any original post on whatever unoriginal topic or subject you’ve found. We want to help you reinvent it and rethink it. Brian Catell’s aim is to keep our audience informed. More than this, we want to keep you thinking. We want you to help technology, to help us, shape our future better. If you have something, write to us. If you have a voice, let us hear it.

You may think your idea is too tiny to be heard, but even the biggest inventions and technologies we use today began small. We can’t wait to hear from you.