You Can’t Plan a Carnival-Themed Wedding Without These Three Essentials

Posted on Jul 20 2017 - 3:24pm by Admin

Bride ready for her carnival wedding themeNo one can ever stop a girl from fulfilling the wedding of her childhood dreams. Weddings only happen once, if you’re lucky, and it’s every little girl’s dream to wear a beautiful wedding dress, and walk down the aisle towards the love of her life.

Now, some wedding ideas may get scratched off from the dream wedding formula as the girl ages, but for the kids at heart, some things never change. A carnival-inspired wedding? Why not! The jester theme never ages, and considering that it’s been around since the medieval times, it’s something a lot of party planners know how to do. You can even add modern confections and entertainment to make sure that it’s a total hit with everyone. Here are the top three essentials that a proper carnival-themed wedding must have.

Save-The-Date Tickets

Instead of traditional wedding invitations made out of specialty paper, lace, and ribbons, you can go for enlarged vintage carnival tickets as your save-the-date invites. Properly sized posters with attached “Admit One” carnival tickets are also a great alternative to the all-too-familiar wedding invitations. A carnival-themed wedding is far from traditional, so you might as well go crazy with your invites!

Carnival-inspired Food

What’s a carnival-themed wedding without carnival food? If we’re talking about your wedding food choices, it’s not going to be for the faint of heart. You may want to get popcorn in bulk for weddings. Toss in some burger sliders, hot dogs, and of course, cotton candy served in fancy carnival packaging for your guests to enjoy before and after the ceremony.

Fun-filled Activities

If you’re going to throw a carnival-inspired wedding, why not design your own carnival? If you have enough money to splurge on possibly the best day of your life, get an actual carousel, hire a magician. Set up a marriage booth for both your single and taken guests to enjoy.

These carnival-inspired wedding tips are for the girl who’s had her dream wedding etched since childhood. Let’s give it to the kids at heart, shall we?